Shine bright like A...​

Look at it, it’s magnificent. Who would have thought that this rock, this stone, and this piece of carbon we find in the ground; would come to symbolize the ultimate expression of one’s affection? There’s something quite undeniably mystifying about a diamond, that when caught by just the right light, it burns of utter prismatic distinction. What is a diamond? It takes billions of years; it takes time, pressure, and heat to coagulate into a rough gem. Even then, it isn’t considered a complete and finished gem. This rough stone needs the skillful hands of a craftsman, an artisan to hone it. That way see its final shape, color, clarity, and florescence; there’s nothing quite like it.



Why have we been seemingly magnetized towards the diamond as the standard? Since the dawn of time, we as a species have adorned our bodies with shiny trinkets. Diamonds, they have become coveted timeless heirlooms, they are inheritable, they are status monikers, and they are symbols of wealth. Diamonds ere a luxury only afforded to nobility.


Today it’s ok to buy jewelry online, there will be those cynical about buying high ticket items through the web. Obviously there is no penalty for a healthy bit of skepticism.  One should look to find a site with the assurance of a generous return policy, with a properly certified item, and with a solid track record of satisfied customers. 

Better yet, get pieces that you would have otherwise bought at retail stores, for below wholesale auction prices at you won’t be sorry you did.

Diamonds have become increasingly accessible to the general public. Yet buying the right diamond has still become a very expensive and time consuming proposition.




With the advent of technology, narrowing your search has become streamline. The internet has put the power back into the buyer’s hands.
Traditional brick and mortar retail stores usually attach a high no-haggle premium to diamond pieces, have a limited selection, and employ aggressive sales tactics. Essentially what you pay for is the brand. Certainly, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone asking you where you bought your engagement ring. Most pieces have no brand. All that hardly matters to someone looking for a quality piece, at the same time wanting to make a significant savings.